Yellow cab, black cab, white or blue; ask what we can do for you!

GDM-BPO is here to help. We know that when patrons are calling your company, they don’t have time to waste. That is why we provide around-the-clock, live-voice assistance for countless businesses across the country, both large and small. Prompt response is everything in your industry, so our operators are committed to answering every inbound call within 3 rings or less. Callers will benefit from an almost instantaneous link to your taxi service, and that translates into increased revenue.

Benefits to Work With Us

Your taxi service does not operate in a vacuum. You have competitors who are looking for every possible advantage over your business. If you want to survive, you have to beat them to the punch. Let GDM be your partner in client support solutions. Whether we are answering inbound calls or offering virtual support for your online booking and payment program, our call center agents provide a higher echelon of telecommunications services, putting you on the road to an expanded client base and an increased bottom line.

24/7 Service:

Our operators are always available, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. We know that taxis are needed at unpredictable times, so we are always at the ready, and we promise that your customers will be greeted by a courteous, professional call center representative.

Scheduling & Dispatch:

We can integrate into your pre-existing systems and take care of scheduling for you. Our specialists screen calls based on your established criteria, and we can convey those calls to the appropriate members of your staff via phone, text, email, or pager.

Bilingual Staff:

As America becomes more and more diverse, your business must be able to assist Spanish-speaking clientele. We have operators on call who are fluent in both English and Spanish, so you will never have to worry that a language barrier is standing in the way of you and potential fares.

Concierge Service:

VIP clients expect VIP service. We can arrange wake-up calls for early morning shuttles, make outbound calls to drivers close to pick-up time to keep everyone on schedule, and even process payments prior to arrival for your customers’ convenience.

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Frequently asked questions.

If your business is growing rapidly, or even outgrowing what your own receptionists can handle, a live answering service is just what you need. Whether we’re your call center service, virtual receptionist service, or answering service, all of these solutions are a means to better customer relationships

How does the 14 day free trial work?

After speaking with sales team we just need 7 days to get your city knowledge and surrounding area and about your company SOPs.We will assign you a professional dispatch manager to train your team.After the training is completed we will give you go ahead to transfer the live calls.Your trail will be expired exact after 14 days.

Can I get a demo of the answering service first?

You bet! Our sales team will explain you about the demo.We just need the training about your company SOPs to start the free Trail.Rest our experienced dispatchers will handle every thing

Is the free trial really free?

Absolutely! We don’t require a credit card or any other payment information to get started on the free trial. While you’ll have ample opportunities to provide payment information throughout the trial, if there is no credit card on file by the time your free trial is over, the answering service will automatically shut off. No strings attached!

Can you provide a toll free number during the trial? A local number?

We can provide either a toll free number or a local phone number during your free trial period. Our toll free numbers are based on availability with prefixes including; 800, 855, 866, 888, etc. For local numbers, our sales representatives will ask you which area code you prefer.

Can I talk to someone before I sign up?

Absolutely! We are a 24/7 live answering service after all. Our Sales Team can always be reached by calling 1-888-492-5838

Do you need a credit card? Any payment information?

You do not need a credit card or any other form of payment to sign up for the trial. However, if you wish to continue service once the trial is over, a credit card is required.

Do you bill by the minute or by the call?

Both! We have two different tiers of service which are billed in two different increments. On our Advanced Answering Service, we bill by the minute and on our Essentials Answering Service, we bill by the call.

If I choose to move forward after the free trial, how can I pay for the answering service?

The first invoice will be due on receipt via credit card, and a credit card is required to be on file for the first 6 months that you are on service. We use the credit card to fund your regular cycle invoices as well as any auto upgrades you may receive. However, you are free to pay your regular cycle invoices via check or eCheck, just as long as we receive payment prior to the invoice due date so the card on file is not processed. After the 6 months are over you are free to remove the card as long as your account is in good standing.

Is outbound telemarketing included in the free trial?

No, our outbound telemarketing services are not included in the free trial. In order to activate the outbound telemarketing app you’ll need to be on the 1,000 Minute Plan for at least 2 months and in good standing. Please note that this feature is only available on our Advanced Service.

Do you have Spanish speaking agents? If so are they available during the free trial?

Yes and yes! If you need your virtual receptionists to speak both English and Spanish, our Sales Team will set you up with two campaigns at the start of your trial. Each campaign will have a unique call forwarding number, so you’ll have the option of forwarding to those numbers separately on your side (if you have an IVR on  your end), or adding an IVR on our end (press 1 for English, press 2 for Spanish) onto the main line which will route the calls accordingly. Please note that once the trial is over, the Spanish line is considered a sub account and will be billed according to the sub account fees listed on our pricing page.

Will I get online access with the free trial?

Absolutely! During the free trial period you’ll get all the same online access our active clients get. Our free online portal includes access to reports, call recordings, answering service scripts, operator ratings, app integrations, and more. Once your trial is active, you also gain access to our free answering service app for both iPhone and Android users. Please note that online access is only available to our Advanced Service (per minute) and not our Essentials Service (per call).

Is the service available 24 hours a day or just during business hours?

Our answering service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, including all holidays. Since you decide when you want to forward calls to us, it’s up to you whether or not we are answering calls 24/7 or just during certain times.

Is there an extra fee to answer my calls on a holiday?

Nope! We do not charge any extra or hidden fees to answer your calls over a holiday, weekend, or after hours. Our rates stay the same no matter the day or time.

If I sign up early, will my free trial continue?

Yes! You can submit your payment authorization any time throughout your free trial. The free trial will always continue, no matter what, until you’ve reached the 2 week or 200 minute/call threshold. Even if you submit your payment information early and decide not to continue with the answering service after the free trial, just make sure to reach out to usbefore the end of your trial so we can cancel the account.

Can I advertise the number you provide?

We recommend not advertising the call forwarding number we provide you. While we can’t control if you do advertise the number on your website, letter heads, or business cards, please note that you cannot take the number with you should you decide to leave service. The phone numbers we provide should only be used for forwarding your business’s telephone calls to SAS.

How do I forward calls to the answering service?

Since call forwarding is a feature that is controlled by your phone provider, the way in which you forward your phones may vary. Check out our help desk article to find the call forwarding instructions according to your provider.

How is the phone answered?

Very professionally! Your call handling is completely customizable. We work with you to develop the best answering service script based on your outsourcing goals. If you’re primarily using us for appointment setting, we may answer your phone one way. If you’re using us for emergency dispatching, we may answer your phone another way. To eliminate any operator error with the pronunciation of your company name, we will also add a custom automated answering service greeting to your line, which may say something along the lines of: “Thank you for calling [YourCompany], we’ll be with you in a moment. For quality assurance this call may be recorded.”

Do I have to pick a plan now?

Nope! Aside from seeing if you like the service, the free trial is also useful so you can get an idea of your call volume. Throughout the trial, our system will send alerts with plan recommendations based off your usage. However, you do not need to choose a plan until you are ready to sign up.

What happens after the trial?

Once the free trial is over, your service will automatically suspend if there is no payment information on file. If you have submitted payment information, then the first invoice will process on your credit card and the service will continue uninterrupted.

How long are your contracts?

Since we are a month to month subscription service, there are no contracts. While we do charge base rates one month in advance, you are not bound to service at any time. However, please note that we do ask for a 30 day cancellation notice if you would like to cancel service.


Telephone answering services help businesses manage customer communication 24 hours a day. Having live receptionist represent your business is you offering the most personal customer service experience imaginable.