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Our Short Story

Global Dispatch Management is a sister company of D-Hoppers Pvt Ltd. GDM is a leading dispatch service provider to Taxi,Limo and non emergency medical transportation companies in United States and Canada.We have a team of over 300 professional call takers and dispatchers serving 24/7.Lot of transportation companies have achieved a significant growth in there revenue with our Call Answering and Dispatch service.

At GDM-BPO Services, we do things differently; we do things passionately and with fervor. We believe that the BPO industry is not exclusively about “outsourcing”. However, it represents a continual process of growing one’s business by acquiring new customers, retaining old customers and providing service excellence – a winning formula which pays rich dividends. GDM-BPO is also an IT enabled services provider. We specialize in providing dispatch and back office services ranging from data entry, virtual assistant, equity research, to data modeling. GDM-BPO is also involved in web-based application development. Leveraging open source technologies, we have successfully created solutions to customer challenges.


GDM-BPO is a dependable and trustworthy Taxi and Limo Dispatch center.Outsourcing Call Answering Service ,Dispatch service and certain back office work is the wiser decision that every company chooses, because it lessens time, resource, and money that you can save to concentrate more in enhancing your business and gain more profit. We value our clients as we put forth them first to bring best result out of an every/great effort.


Certainly, outsourcing your Call Answering and dispatch service to GDM will always benefit your company because it is cost effective which will make your life more easy,you don’t need hire and train your dispatchers again and again.You will be having stress free dispatch center,positive feed back from your customers and significant increase in revenue. GDM-BPO is the best solution for all your outsourcing requirements with eminent resources.

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