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» What is GDM BPO Services?

GDM-BPO Services is a premiere business process outsourcing firm. We are in the business for over a decade now and our headquarters are based in Brooklyn NY. We have call centers in USA, India,Pakistan and the Philippines. We provide all kinds of call center services like lead generation, telemarketing services and customer services, along with web marketing and development services. We have a global clientele and offer round the clock services to businesses.

» What services does GDM BPO provide?

Call center services provided by GDM BPO Services can be divided into three broad categories: inbound call center services, outbound call center services and back office functions. You can get a complete list of our services.

» Is GDM BPO Services cost-effective?

We are known in the BPO industry as an economical call center services provider. We can cut down your telemarketing budget by 40% and also ensure that you generate enough revenue to expand your business in different directions. Our leads and customer service facilities offer you more than you pay for.

» What kind of manpower do you employ?

The agents that we employ for call center services have to be graduates. For senior positions in the BPO, we employ holders of Masters degree in Business Management or Computer Applications or its equivalent.

» What are your procedures towards projects?

Before we kick-start your telemarketing project, we go through a trial period. This is the time when we test our metrics, call center operations and all the tools that we are going to use in the course of the project. This reduces risks and cuts down on sundry expenses. We have a highly effective project transition stage that lends value to the BPO project. We also have quality project management and excellent customer relationship skills to serve your business better.

» What kind of infrastructure do you have?

GDM BPO Services has call centers in four countries of the world. Every call center is equipped with the best technology available in the market. The computers we use, the servers and other equipment are all of the best quality. Because we cater to a global clientele, we don’t hold back on investments in infrastructure.

» What is the mode of payment?

The preferred mode of payment at GDM BPO Services is through wire transfer or checks. If you want to pay by any other means, you can talk to the sales executives on our team.

» What is the long-term viability of the company?

GDM BPO Services is a debt-free company with considerable liquid assets to make expansions and investments. We work on signed contracts and agreements.

» What are your data safety clauses?

We have certain regulations about data safety that we follow stringently. We sign non-disclosure bonds with our clients and employees as well. Our inbound and outbound networks are protected by firewalls. Our computers are divested off external storage drives like CDs and floppies, or USB drive portals. We ensure that all our emails and computer systems are protected by passwords. Also, we store data at off-site locations and use fire-proof cabinets for CPUs and servers. Our premises are duly monitored by CCTV cameras.

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